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S. M. Y. Rafi

What is a normal day? Nobody knows, and it shouldn’t matter

Hello. You’re awake! Where are you? There are numerous possibilities. …

Photograph by S.M.Y. Rafi

One of the biggest challenges most of us have had to face during this pandemic is staying at home, staying unproductive, staying away from the bustle. Just staying.

Time is fleeting - when we give it structure. Just like life. We have gotten increasingly used to living in a hustle…

An Interactive Surrealist Experience by S.M.Y. Rafi

Photograph by S.M.Y. Rafi

Welcome to an interactive time-bending and perception-warping surrealist sci-fi short story experience about a real writer pretending to be a fictional writer creating a story about the past of all reality but being interrupted by the impulse to speculate the most surrealist future of reality that is actually real but…

Is my Imposter syndrome as valid as yours? Do I really have Imposter syndrome or do I just suck? It’s a rabbit hole to no Wonderland.

Where do we go? Who do we become? (Photograph by S. M. Y. Rafi)

Imposter syndrome has the uncanny ability to be incredibly pervasive and persistent. Even before I started writing the title, I doubted myself and my decision to write about this even though I wanted to write about it all morning.

But why is it so prevalent? Why is it so relevant…

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. — Alan Watts

Photograph by S. M. Y. Rafi

Since its very conception, the universe has wrestled with change, ever expanding yet furiously contracting, reaching out into the dreadful nothingness to fill it with new…

What If We Become One With Google?

Google. This artificial intelligence that prompts within us thoughts, of who we are and what we can be, and where we belong in the vastness of the cosmos, is the conception of the first truly sentient robot, drawing from us emotion, expression, ritual…

Photo by S. M. Y. Rafi

Trauma is an image trapped in memory’s reel.

Almost every one of us carries a trauma or ten, tinkering within us in silence as we maintain a smiling facade in fear of being caught. We maintain this farce of confidence, of success, hoping not to regress, and somehow impress everyone…

Photo by Hanaa Turkistani on Scopio

We emerge with a tail, on all fours, in the aftermath of The Great Dying, scurrying about, foraging for food, escaping predators, too focused on survival to admire the galaxy laid bare in the night sky. …

S. M. Y. Rafi

Creator of Epidrae — a Surrealist Mythopoeia | Author of Wondrous Realms of the Baeo | Mind Ally

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